Panoptic Media Marketing Inc Acquires America’s Media Marketing

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc Acquires America’s Media Marketing

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc Acquires America’s Media Marketing

30 Nov 2015 / Written by  Christina Bevan / News

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc today announced that it has formally acquired America’s Media Marketing Inc, a leader in print media advertising consultancy services. America’s Media Marketing counts North America’s leading corporate brands amongst it’s existing advertising customers.

The deal supports the Panoptic Media brands ambitions of expanding it’s innovative range of digital B2B advertising service products across North America.

“For the past 25 years America’s Media Marketing has led the North American market for print media services, the reputation and client base of the company is second to none” said Daniel Dyer, President of Panoptic Media Marketing. “By adding the innovative digital marketing solutions offered by Panoptic into AMM’s line up, it’s a very exciting time for the company.”

As part of the acquisition, America’s Media Marketing President Kimberly Burbank-Pye will join the board of Panoptic in a non-executive director capacity. Burbank-Pye will be focusing on providing added institutional knowledge of the print media sector, so that Panoptic Media can start offering these services across Europe as well.

“I’m excited to join the Board of Panoptic and offer my extensive knowledge of the Print Media sector to the company” said Kimberly Burbank-Pye, “the companies vision combined with our existing professionalism will mean a best-in-class service for our customers."

Summing up the acquisition, Dyer added, “Our new advertising service products being launched for next generation technologies including the Internet of Things, will allow us to operate with “big data” and provide not only advertisement services, but also granular detail about the consumers purchasing habits, wants and needs”.

As part of the acquisition agreement, Panoptic Media will retain the offices and staff from Brooksville, Florida and make this their new global headquarters.

Additional details regarding the acquisition of America’s Media Marketing by Panoptic Media Marketing can be found in the External FAQ document which is available to the press and existing customers.

To learn more about America’s Media Marketing advertising solutions please visit

Note to editors:

About Panoptic Media Marketing Inc

Panoptic Media Marketing is a strategic leader in digital innovative advertising & marketing solutions, working directly with global OEM’s to create revenue streams from next generation technologies.

About America’s Media Marketing

America’s Media Marketing is the US leading provider of print media advertising services, the company now offers a digital advertising product line-up, combined with additional marketing services. Headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, AMM works with the US Leading Corporate advertisers with placements into the top 100 published magazines, radio & television stations. Established in 1991, the company now offers all forms of digital media advertisements from global targeted press releases, through to digital newspapers, LinkedIn advertisements and global SEO campaigns.

For more press information, please contact: Jennifer McRae from AMM Marketing: 1-800-823-1377 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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